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Trust Disputes can impact ANY family

Where there is a will, there are relatives and they don’t always agree. The trustee and beneficiary relationship can be complex and, at times, emotionally charged. With the help of an experienced attorney, most problems can be resolved without litigation. We can make trust administration and probate less stressful. Call today.

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Why do YOU need Estate Planning

You do not need to have a lot of assets to need good estate planning. Whether you are concerned about who will take care of your children or how your assets will pass to the next generation, we can help prepare a customized estate plan for you.

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Same-Sex Couples Should Seek Legal Counsel in Wake of DOMA Ruling

The Supreme Court just ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) is unconstitutional. That means that the federal government will acknowledge same sex marriages in the same manner in which the states do.  In other words, because California is a state that now does acknowledge marriage between same sex partners, the federal government will acknowledge those marriages. This acknowledgement will […]

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