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Probate Law

The probate process can feel overwhelming. Executors try to get things right, but the laws, procedures and guidelines applicable to the process can make it difficult to achieve the best possible results without help.

The Haskett Law Firm, P.C., in Pleasanton, California, offers comprehensive legal guidance to estate administrators and heirs throughout the Bay Area. Our clients are people who are tasked with probating estates, or  are beneficiaries who have become involved will contests or other litigation against an executor.

Representation When Things Run Smoothly — And When They Do Not

Each case is different. Sometimes the probate process, which can last about a year in California, runs smoothly. Sometimes matters become more complex.

In representing you as a fiduciary, we help you locate  assets, heirs and beneficiaries. We then work with your accountant regarding tax issues, help you fulfill your obligations to the beneficiaries and assist you in meeting  meet your statutory requirements established by trust and probate law when the estate is ready for distribution, we assist you in distributing and closing the estates.

Attorneys at the Haskett Law Firm, P.C., also use years of experience to counsel clients regarding complex probate matters and obstacles, which can arise during the probate process:

  • Hard to manage assets
  • Ongoing business matters
  • Business interests in states other than California
  • Financial disputes
  • Will contests/disputes over the validity of the will
  • Multiple wills/changes to wills made after the original will was drafted
  • Disputes between beneficiaries

Our lawyers work closely with clients throughout the probate process. When clients call, we don’t allow the call to go to voicemail, but answer it directly. This way, your questions get answered quickly, accurately and effectively. When extra support is needed, that support is obtained in the same manner. We reach out to an established network of highly regarded CPAs, fiduciary accountants, real estate agents, house cleaners — whoever you need, whenever you need them.